Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow Weigh in about Katherine Heigl

Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow appeared together on the Howard Stern Show to talk about their new movie “Funny People.” But when the conversation came around to Seth’s former “Knocked-Up” co-star Katherine Heigl, the two answered facetiously. They revealed to Howard that the controversial comments Heigl made in a 2007 Vanity Fair interview apparently still burn, although Apatow seemed inclined to forgive.

The high-energy and humorous interview covered a number of topics including what it was like when Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler used to be roommates during their early days in LA, about Seth being bashed on “Entourage” and dealing with the pressures of success.

Note to editors: To link to short video clip of this interview, go to: On the website, you can also pull the embed code to put a clip of interview into your website.

The interview in its entirety can only be seen on Howard TV On Demand service starting tonight, July 31, 2009.

Robin's 34 Gs

Pic of Miss Howard Stern in hospital

following her recent accident.

thanks to Shrine 100 Reporters Zolar and Lobosco for the info.

A Howardshrine Exclusive: Beetlejuice's manager Sean Rooney died in jail

Name: Sean Rooney

Inmate I.D.: #GW2091
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
In Search Of: Friends
Convicted Of: Agg. Assault
Release Date: 10/2010

Sean Rooney #GW2091
SCI Rockview
P.O. Box A
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Sean Rooney:

I am currently serving time at Rockview State Prison for an aggravated assault charge. I received a 4-8 year sentence for punching a man one time. He sustained a broken nose and seven stitches to the back of his head from hitting the ground. But damn, all that time for a single punch? You’re probably wondering if I had a public pretender or not, right? The answer to that is no. I had a payed attorney from Philly PA by the name of Daine Grey, who promised both me and my wife that I would not be facing any jail time. Boy was he ever so wrong. You better believe my wife gave him a piece of her mind. From what I understand, he has an appeal in on my behalf. I am confident however, that if my case makes it back to court, my sentence will be reduced. For God sakes, there are inmates here that shot people and got less time than I did. Well, you heard enough about my legal problems. I now want to tell you a bit about the real me. I am 36 years old and married to my beautiful wife Michele. We have been married for 14 years and have a 13 year old son named Ryan. I grew up in Bayonne NJ and was raised by my dad. I attended St. Anthony’s high school in Jersey City NJ, where I was the starting forward for the men’s varsity basketball team. We were coached by Bob Hurley and ranked #1 in the nation. At the end of my senior year, I received a 4 year scholarship to play Division I basketball at Duquesne University, located in Pittsburgh PA. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned and I wound up getting kicked out. Years later, I was selling cars at a Honda dealership in Jersey City NJ where my brother Bobby was working as finance manager, I was doing real well, but there was something I wanted to do and that something was to be my own boss. That dream became a reality when I happened to meet a man by the name of Lester Green, you see, Lester was a dwarf and funny as hell. So what I did was bring him on the Howard Stern show. He is now known by millions around the world as, “Beetlejuice” and I am his manager. If you would like to see our website go to: or
If you're wondering why I'm looking for a pen pal being married, it's because you can only hear I love you, I miss you, and can't wait until you come home, but so many times. Besides it also hurts too much.


Thanks to Lobosco for the info. RIP Sean. I met Sean who escorted Beet to the Shrine for a tour a few years ago. Good dude.

Howard Stern wack packer Ivy Supersonic sent to Bellevue by police

The heavily-tattooed Silberstein, who investigators believe sliced herself in the arm with a knife she's been toting in recent days, was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation. She was not charged with a crime.

Silberstein's removal from the Zeckendorf Towers marked the end of a bizarre 24 hours for the fashion designer, who posted frenzied messages on her Facebook page alleging that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly was conspiring against her.

"Who ever [sic] has a copy of the voice notes file send to FBI," she typed. "UR very smart - send same tapes to Homeland and CIA protect me from Ray Kelly FedEx it to Obama now!!!"

Silberstein, 42, posted one last time moments before she surrendered, asking people to call her lawyer. Police sources said Silberstein's doctor called 911 to say that his patient, the daughter of famed attorney Jerome Silberstein, was bipolar and off her medication.

This was not the first brush with the law for Silberstein, who most recently was issued a summons last month for sneaking a recording device into Bernie Madoff's sentencing.


Infamous Baba Booey Mets Pitch Baseball Acquired for $18,000

Infamous Baba Booey Mets Pitch Baseball Acquired for $18,000 -- Proceeds to Benefit Lifebeat AIDS/HIV Charity

CHICAGO, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 07/29/09 -- On May 9, 2009, Gary Dell Abate, or Baba Booey, as he is known on the Howard Stern show on SIRIUS/XM, which he produces, threw out the First Pitch for the New York Mets. Despite rigorous preparation and consultation with a sports psychologist, Gary's pitch flew wildly to the right of the plate, almost hitting the umpire, making it potentially the worst First Pitch ever.

The pitch was widely ridiculed, both on the Howard Stern show and in the mainstream sports media. The phrase "Baba Booey" has since become the term for a terribly flubbed First Pitch.

On July 17, 2009, Gary put the ball, as well as the Mets jersey that he wore for the pitch, up for auction to support his Lifebeat charity. After several days of intense bidding, Taylor Mitchell, owner of satellite radio retailer TSS-Radio, won the auction for $18,000.

"I bought the ball for 4 reasons: The proceeds go to a great charity, the ball and jersey provide great publicity towards fellow Stern fans, and we really want to keep this ball alive and viewable to those that wish to see it. Plus, if you are as big a Stern fan as me, this is an important piece of history," said Taylor.

The ball and jersey are on display and available for viewing by appointment at TSS-Radio's offices in Chicago. "If you are a Stern fan in Chicago and would like to come over to visit, drop us a line, we will happily show you the ball and hook you up with a t-shirt. If you need help with your satellite radio setup we can also help with that. We also have setup a Facebook fan page for the ball and the pitch, which you can find at"

About TSS-Radio

TSS-Radio is an online retailer of SIRIUS Satellite Radio products. Focused solely on satellite radio, TSS-Radio has the widest selection of accessories, the deepest online knowledgebase and the most experienced technical support consultants in that industry. Based in Chicago, TSS-Radio can be found at or at 773-772-4340. More information about the ball can be found at TSS-Radios website.

Contact Info:
Taylor Mitchell (owner)
Email Contact

Beth Stern on Good Day NY 7/29/09 from

Beth Stern on Good Day NY 7/29/09

Beth talks about the North Shore Animal League, Howard


Mira nada mas lo que hace con el CHIQUITO!!!


(click en la imagen para verla en su tamaño original)

Aprende a descargar más rápido con el JDownloader, CLICK AQUÍ
Contraseña: The_patriot_murderer


Photo courtesy Howard TV

Melissa Anne Teixeira has been selected as Miss Howard TV for the month of August for Howard Stern’s Howard TV On Demand channel. Melissa, who works as a car saleswoman in her Fall River, MA hometown, is known as “Hemi” to her friends because of her infatuation with the powerful engine. After battling over the title of “HemiGirl” with the show’s resident car aficionado, Ronnie Mund, Melissa treats the entire studio to a sultry story about how her friend’s car trouble led to an erotic lesbian experience.

Melissa has many interests. She is a model and actress with a small role in the upcoming film “Surrogates” and is a dancer in “21” alongside Kate Bosworth. She designs clothes for the models at car shows and is studying Hebrew because she wants to be able to read the original bible. Her modeling portfolio can be found at

Melissa’s studio interview can be seen exclusively on Howard TV On Demand. She will host the monthly preview show during August. Melissa is profiled with photos, a Q&A and a blog at

Tutorial para usar JDownloader como un experto

Hola amigos de "PorkyLandia"

Hoy les traigo este tutorial para usar como un experto el JDownloader, para que descarguen sus películas más rápido y fácil.

Nunca les ha pasado que están buscando un video o una película por varios foros, y cuando por fin la encuentran, resulta que la película dura 1.30 horas pero el uploader la subio pesando 1500 MB, pero en 18 partes de 80 MB, como ya saben son demasiadas partes y sería muy tardado y aburrido descargar parte por parte, pero para eso tenemos nuestro JDownloader, el nos hace más fáciles las cosas. Descarga el tutorial para aprender como hacerlo.


Yucko and the Damn Show family need our help

Hey guys,

The Local Paper in Athens is doing a Reader's choice award for the top 5 local celebrities in town. We think all 5 should be in The DAMN! Show family damn it!

Here's how to help. Go to the web site below and scroll down untill you see "Local Celebrity" and type in one of our names.


You can vote as many times as you like, so be a sport and type them all in if you have time:

Rack Em Willie

Waco O'Guin

Roger Black

Yucko the Clown

Bobby Possumcods


Waco and Roger

Rick's Cabaret New York all-female softball team

Rick's Cabaret New York has an all-female softball team that play in Central Park.
They challenge all-male teams, and last Sunday the opponents were the cast and crew of FOX New Channel's "Red Eye" Show captained by on-air host Greg Gutfeld.
As usual for a game with the Rick's Cabaret Girls, no one seems to know the final score. "We just play for fun," said Rick's Girl Marci. "We've been known to use our bodies to distract the guys, and it seems to work."
The best part of the game is always the post-game party at the popular midtown Rick's Cabaret club (50 West 33rd Street).
"No hard feelings if we win," said Rick's Girl Cathy. "At the party we girls all take off our clothes and dance for the guys, and nobody remembers anything about the game."
Rick's Cabaret is known as the club of choice for celebrities and pro athletes. Several players from The NY Yankees and the NY Mets can be frequently seen at Rick's Cabaret New York.



New Show Filled With Sexy Clips and Outrageous Memories is Available as a VOD Special on Digital Cable as Well as on the Howard TV Channel

New York, July 22 – Forty years ago this summer, two great events happened to mankind; man landed on the moon, and Penthouse Magazine was launched! Over the years, the Howard Stern Show has been a favorite spot for many Penthouse Pets, who found a welcoming environment for their playful sensuality. When the Howard TV On Demand producers heard that Penthouse was planning a 40th Anniversary Special Collector’s Edition, they took a look back and found they were sitting on a treasure trove of video memories of hot and sexy fun. So, to celebrate this important milestone, Howard TV brought in the sultry and spectacular 2007 Pet of the Year, Heather Vandeven to host the 75 minute, Howard TV Presents: The Penthouse 40th Anniversary Special which premieres on Thursday, July 23. The special will be available to all Howard TV subscribers, and in addition, it can also be found as a standalone special on all major cable systems in the U.S. and Canada on their VOD platforms.

The completely uncensored video special tracks some of the most memorable appearances that were captured on camera from 1994 until the present. Pulled from the Howard Stern Show vaults are a wealth of steamy, hot and most unforgettable appearances from the very first visit by a Penthouse Pet Kimberly Taylor in 1994, to a parade of outrageous fun and games and numerous Penthouse Pet Pageants. The special includes some of Amy Lynn’s classic appearances; Victoria (Dr. Z) Zdrok bringing her own Sybian (a wildly popular vibrating machine); naked piano playing by Pet Crystal Klein; Pet Bree Olsen getting spanked and riding the Sybian; Jenna Jameson; the Penthouse Pet Fantastic Four: Jamie Lynn, Ashley Roberts, Cassia Riley and Ginger Jolie in a one of a kind outrageous erotic talent contest; Charlie Laine and Justine Joli’s Sybian rides; plus many girl-on-girl segments. To top it off, show host Heather Vandeven changes her outfits on camera….several times, and will entertain viewers with a very special and sexy surprise that is not to be missed.

A special four-page article in the Penthouse 40th Anniversary Special Collector’s Edition includes personal reminiscences by long-time Howard TV producers Doug Z. Goodstein and Mike Gange along with the producer of the special Lee Gerowitz. Favorite memories include Amy Lynn showing her love and appreciation for Howard; funny moments such as when 2006 Pet of the Month Nevaeh came in with a bad cold forcing everyone in the studio to wear hospital masks; and watching how Pet appearances have become more outrageous through the years.

Howard TV has also created a Howard TV Penthouse Interactive Timeline online at: . Viewers can get more information about how to order the special by calling 1-888-4-HEYNOW or by visiting for details. The VOD special is $7.99.

Doug Z. Goodstein is the Executive Producer for Howard TV On Demand and Mike Gange is Supervising Producer. Lee Gerowitz is the Producer of the special.

Heather Vandeven, host of


About Host Heather Vandeven

Heather was born and raised in Northern California, the land of hippies and wine, with her loving and supportive family. Even at a young age, Heather had a propensity for self challenge and independence. She embarked on her first major adventure by enlisting in the U.S. Army at the age of 17. Since then, she has traveled the world, landing in Los Angeles where she has worked consistently in both acting and modeling for the past five years. She graced the covers of several magazines and in early 2007, Heather was named Penthouse Magazine's Pet of the Year, an endorsement of her physical beauty and ability to represent a national brand in television, film, radio and publicly throughout the world. Heather has been a guest on the Howard Stern Show many times. Her most infamous appearance was on April 12, 2007 when Heather and fellow Pet Justine Joli rode the Sybian together.

Capt. Janks' lawyer getting prank reimbursement calls


Capt. Janks' lawyer getting prank reimbursement calls

His client, known for similar capers, is having theft charges from 5 counties consolidated

By Robert H. Orenstein


July 19, 2009

You almost had to expect this.

The lawyer for Capt. Janks -- the one-time ''Howard Stern Show'' radio personality who gained notoriety for making bogus calls to news shows -- is getting crank calls seeking reimbursement for Janks' no-show performances.

''We are getting prank phone calls from Pittsburgh, Texas,'' said Thomas Carluccio, Janks' lawyer from Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County, recounting where some of the calls originated.

Janks -- his real name is Thomas Cipriano -- from North Wales, Montgomery County, faces theft charges for getting paid in advance to appear at bars and restaurants. In each case, authorities say, the comedian promised promotional spots on Stern's show and a free satellite radio. But he never showed, according to police.

Meanwhile, charges from five Pennsylvania counties are being consolidated in Montgomery County Court.

''Where the evidence shows a pattern of a common planned design or a scheme that shows a criminal enterprise, the courts allow them to be brought together in one place,'' said Bradford Richman, an assistant district attorney prosecuting the cases. ''It would be a waste of judicial resources to try this in four or five different counties.''

After the media reported the first charges in Montgomery and Bucks counties this spring, other business owners contacted police to report their problems. That led to additional charges in Philadelphia, Berks and Chester counties, Richman said.

In all, Cipriano faces theft charges in 10 incidents where he generally received from $250 to $350 in advance, Richman said; nine businesses -- one paid for two performances -- gave Cipriano a total of about $3,700.

Charges in Schuylkill County were dropped this spring, Carluccio said, after Cipriano repaid the bar. Court records indicate charges were dropped.

At least two business owners in Delaware and New Jersey pressed charges. Richman said those cases cannot be tried in Pennsylvania.

Carluccio tried to settle the Pennsylvania cases out of court, saying criminal charges should be dropped because Cipriano broke a contract, which is a civil matter.

Richman disagreed: ''When you have this number of cases, there is just no way this is a civil matter.''

''If we can't resolve the issues, then we will go to trial,'' Carluccio said.

Carluccio, a longtime fan of Stern's show, said he has been representing Cipriano for free. He met Cipriano last year through a mutual friend, who said Cipriano needed help in an unrelated legal matter.

Carluccio said Cipriano was in drug rehabilitation in February, and Cipriano, 43, told Stern on the air that he was addicted to painkillers.

Cipriano spent 22 days in Montgomery County jail without bail after police filed the first charges. He was released May 14.

''At some point in time, his whole life crashed,'' Carluccio said.

Janks' supporters -- including a Stern cohort, comedian Artie Lange -- have been helping raise money to reimburse bars and restaurants, Carluccio said.

Lange raised $8,500 and has committed another $1,500 from benefit shows, Carluccio said. Lange could not be reached for comment, but he has discussed the benefits on Stern's show.

With the money, Cipriano has repaid seven bar and club owners a total of about $3,000, Carluccio said.

Another Lange benefit planned for Thursday in Delaware County was postponed, Carluccio said, adding he never expected the magnitude of Cipriano's problems.

''I had no idea,'' he said, ''it would develop the way it has.''


thanks to Roger_Paw for the info.

Howard Stern's Desperate Belief In The Concept of Greatness by Association -- Love Me Daddy!

by I. Humphrey

We're all familiar with the phrases, birds of a feather flock together, misery loves company, and guilt by association. Usually these sayings are wielded like a bludgeon by curmudgeonly old ladies bent on proving how worthless we are. Examples: First -- You come home to your crib after hanging out with some putos at the neighborhood bodega, and the second you open the front door your mamasita smacks you upside da head with a plantain while screaming "birds of a feather flock together." Next -- The Mets loose to the Yankees at Citi Field, and the following morning you wake up in a sports bar with your boxers on your head, a sticky face, and underneath three hairy gay guys wearing Mets uniforms -- misery loves company. Last -- You wonder into a brothel to get change for the parking meter, and while the fat Korean hookers are giving happy endings to their Johns the cops come in and bust you for solicitation -- guilt by association.

It's a cruel world, and I'm here to tell you that I've personally experienced the three examples mentioned above. For these reasons, and based upon my background, I'm very sensitive to these three phrases. Especially, guilt by association. As Stern fans, we've all heard the infamous, childhood abuse tapes of Howard's father, Ben Stern, berating his cherubic 7-year-old son to stop acting stupid, and to not be a moron. Obviously, Ben's great expectations for Howard to be a miniature Walter Cronkite were hopelessly insane.

Howard dealt with his feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and inadequacy stemming from being a disappointment to his father by pretending it didn't matter, and treating it like a joke. But as any shrink worth 50-minutes of one's time and a $25 co-pay can attest, jokes often hide the truth. Howard Stern's tapes of parental abuse are more damning than the Nixon Watergate Tapes. They are the key, the Rosetta Stone if you will into Howard's psyche. This is why as an altercocker with a father who has one foot in the grave, Howard is desperate to portray himself not as a 55-year old pitiful man unable to let go of his adolescent antics, but as a man of substance. It's a classic case of Love Me Daddy.

Oh yeah sure Ben Stern has recently adopted the habit of ending his on-air phone calls with the words, "I love you, Howard." But his words are said jokingly, without sincerity, and with the haste of a departing cheating spouse anxious to rendezvous with their lover. Or in Ben Stern's case, a hot date with a Seinfeld episode, or a CNN anchorman. In short, with people Ben Stern admires, and wishes he could call son.

Now, obviously Howard can't turn back the clock and pursue a career as a politician or television anchorman. True, Howard once made a half-hearted run for Governor of New York. But, when a candidate has an entourage that includes a dildo-waving Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, he can't be taken seriously. So what can a megalomaniac like Howard Stern do to redefine himself into someone his parents can be proud of? Answer, realistically, not much.

However, let's not forget we're not dealing with just anyone -- we're dealing with the Titan of Talk, The Sultan of Spin, we're dealing with the self-titled King of All Media -- Howard Stern. So what does Howard do? -- He takes the phrase guilt by association, and transforms it, abracadabra, into Great By Association. Bravo! Howard gives money to charities like The North Shore Animal League or rescues a bird, and presto-chango he's an animal lover. With his former wife Alison, Howard created a charitable foundation, and voilà he's a philanthropist. After 9-11 Howard gave his listener's money to benefit families and victims of the World Trade Center attack, and shazam, he's a patriot. Of course the next day he's back at work trying to cajole someone's daughter into taking a ride to paradise aboard the Sybian machine, or enticing Sal Governale to cum on Richard's back. So much for getting his father, Ben Stern to respect him. So much for being the next Walter Cronkite.

So how does all this claptrap tie into the title of this blog, Howard Stern's Desperate Belief in The Concept of Greatness by Association? Good question. If you stay alert and avoid falling asleep during the Tradio calls, and Ashley Madison commercials, you will occasionally pick up on Howard mischievously attaching virtues to someone whom he thinks could be viewed as being similar to him -- i.e. great by association. Obviously, even Howard realizes he can't openly extol his own virtues too often, or too much. Even Howard's peanut gallery's frequent assertions that Howard Stern is handsome ring insincere. Therefore, deftly, and with finesse, Howard has mastered the art of the oblique self-compliment. Look at Howard's back and there's a hand print from being patted there too many times. Unfortunately, that hand print is Howard's own. I often wonder if Howard is even aware of how transparent and lame his behavior is. Sometimes one has to have the courage to accept not only others as they are, but themselves as well. And the latter is much more difficult. Que sera!

The latest incidence of Howard's great by association comment was during a discussion of Sacha Baron Cohen's movie Bruno. Howard said that the movie was important because it showed how people really were. Specifically, that Paula Abdul was a hypocrite for talking about her charity work while sitting on a Mexican, or that rednecks are homophobic. Howard's assertion is that Sacha Baron Cohen's exhibitionism, crude gay jokes, and poking fun at religion can all be regarded as noble and great. The underlying message implied is that Howard also engages in exhibitionism, crude gay jokes, and pokes fun at religion so he too is important, noble, and great. I've noticed this tendency of Howard to glam onto perceived greatness many times, and wish I had kept a list. Bottom line, the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. There's a child in Howard, and in us all yearning to break free, and escape the constraints and shackles of our youth, where for a simple twist of fate, or unkind word we're trapped in a living hell of our own design.

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "I believe bloggers are courageous, generous, and erudite people of honor who write about important people, so are therefore pretty gosh darn important, beyaaatch!"

Life is like living in a week old stuffed-derma being consumed in teeny tiny bites by a denture wearing fat old Jewish lady with chopped-liver breath, and sporting too much fire-engine red lipstick while busy playing Canasta with her blondish-blue haired yenta friends at a seaside stone table in Brighton Beach Brooklyn prior to a Suzanne Pleshette concert. -- July 17, 2009 From the musings of Iggy -- I. Humphrey

The Howard Stern word of the week is: trepidation.

Captain Janks postpones benefit performance


The Delaware County Daily Times (

Stern sidekick postpones show; theft charges mount

Thursday, July 16, 2009

By Carl Hessler Jr.,

NORRISTOWN – As theft-related charges mount against him in Berks, Chester and Montgomery counties, nationally known radio show prankster Captain Janks has postponed a benefit performance that was to raise money to refund bar owners for personal appearances he allegedly ignored.

Thomas Michael Cipriano, 43, who portrays prankster Captain Janks on the Howard Stern radio show, postponed a benefit performance scheduled for July 23 at the Deck Restaurant in Essington, according to his lawyer, Thomas E. Carluccio.

“The benefit show was to raise money to refund tri-state area bar and club owners for appearances Cipriano did not attend,” Carluccio said in a news release. “Captain Janks has been systematically refunding the owners in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, in return for the cases against him being resolved.”

Carluccio claimed, to date, Janks has paid about $3,000 to seven bar owners.

In court papers, authorities from multiple jurisdictions accused Cipriano of defrauding bar owners by taking payments, between $350 and $500, for personal appearances and not showing up. Some of the bars are in West Reading, Plymouth and Cheltenham.

However, Carluccio claimed a proposed agreement to dismiss three criminal cases in Bucks County in exchange for Janks making refunds was recently withdrawn and the cases transferred to Montgomery County for prosecution.

“The result of the change means if Janks were to raise the entire amount of the funds to resolve the potential claims against him, he could still be prosecuted in every case,” claimed Carluccio, promising Janks will work with Montgomery County prosecutors to resolve the outstanding cases as quickly as possible.

“If the cases cannot be resolved, Cipriano will be forced to go to trial to prove his innocence,” Carluccio added.

Currently, Montgomery County prosecutors are handling about 10 alleged theft-related cases against Janks, comprising nine victims from five counties, including Berks, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Philadelphia. Under state law, one county can handle criminal matters from several jurisdictions when the crimes represent an alleged course of conduct.

“We will not simply drop all of these cases because Mr. Cipriano has a benevolent friend who has given him the money to pay these people back. You can’t commit thefts and get away with it because you happen to have the money to pay people back,” responded Assistant District Attorney Bradford Richman. “We don’t drop charges because a defendant waltzes in and says to.”

“This case is in the criminal justice system because of a criminal course of conduct involving many, many victims in many, many counties,” Richman said. “Whether it goes to trial is up to Mr. Cipriano and I am open to any resolution which addresses all of the interests in this case, including the interests of the citizens of Pennsylvania.”

Cipriano, according to Carluccio, apologizes to the bar owners for not being able to attend scheduled performances. Funds “generously raised by Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show” on Cipriano’s behalf will be distributed to bar owners with legitimate claims in New Jersey and Delaware, Carluccio said. Lange is another comedian and radio show personality.

Cipriano, of Fort Washington Avenue in Upper Dublin, previously pleaded not guilty to charges of theft by deception, receiving stolen property and deceptive business practices in connection with incidents that occurred in Montgomery County between December 2008 and February 2009.

Cipriano, according to a criminal complaint filed by Plymouth detectives, contacted the owner of The Old Mansion House in December and offered to perform at a March 13, 2009, promotion at the bar.

“Cipriano promoted himself (to the owner) as the guy that makes the Howard Stern phony phone calls to TV and radio talk shows,” Plymouth Detective Jeffrey M. McGee Sr. alleged in the criminal complaint.

The owner of the Plymouth business agreed to the event believing it would increase business. Cipriano collected a check for $350 covering the promotion fee, court papers alleged. However, Cipriano never canceled the appearance and didn’t show up for the gig.

Cipriano, who previously listed addresses on North Third Street and Royal Avenue in North Wales, allegedly engaged in similar conduct in February when he promised to perform at the Edge Hill Tavern on Limekiln Pike in the Glenside section of Cheltenham but never showed up.

Cipriano remains free on $2,500 bail pending trial.

Court papers filed by detectives indicate Stern confronted Cipriano about the allegations on-air during a Feb. 23 radio show segment entitled, “The Oxy Made Him Do It.”


thanks Roger_Paw for the Info

Richard Jefferson Sets the Record Straight on the Howard Stern Show

NBA star Richard Jefferson, who has taken a lot of heat for his actions surrounding his last minute wedding cancellation, decided to call into the Howard Stern Show to have an honest and extensive talk with Howard to set the record straight. The entire interview can only be seen on Howard TV On Demand. Howard was very supportive of his decision to call off the wedding, even at the last minute. Richard said that it did not all go down the way the media has been portraying it, but admitted that both he and his fiancée Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols had both made some mistakes. He talked honestly with Howard about the breakups, their arguments, his fear of divorce, the money he gave her, the rumors about his black AMEX card and the wedding costs and how long it is going to take him to get over this. Ultimately Howard said it was the honorable thing to do.

The entire interview can be heard only Howard TV On Demand starting tonight and will be available for three weeks. For more information or to upload or link to a short video clip, go here

Howard TV On Demand is available on all major cable systems in the US and Canada.
by I. Humphrey

Check out our fearless leader:

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views this is I. Humphrey saying, "Agggggg, that dude be fugly beyaaaatch!"

Beth Ostrosky attending "In The Loop" screening 7/13/09

Sal Governale's Copycat Penis Puppetry - "A Renaissance of Faggotry."

by I. Humphrey

Howard Stern may bill himself as Mr. Originality, but his exhibitionistic flunky Sal Governale's new name should be Mr. Copycat. As an investigative reporter I feel somewhat foolish writing about something as insubstantial and nutty as Sal's penis. Seriously, of all the acts Sal could rip-off, wasn't there a more interesting bit than contorting his uncircumcised pecker into stupid shapes?

Yesterday while Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno character appeared on The Howard Stern Show, Sal pulled down his pants and debuted his "drill bit" penis puppet. The "drill bit" is created when Sal pulls his foreskin forward, and twists it like a rubber band into a shape resembling a drill bit. Today Sal's foreskin made an encore appearance as a "drill bit" and "a bird eating a worm." Sal's repertoire is growing exponentially. Wednesday's show will undoubtedly feature twice as many penis puppets.

Penis Puppetry exploded on the stage over eleven-years ago in Melbourne, Australia. The originators and performers were Simon Morley and David Friend. Their web site is: If Sal is going to steal someone's act, the least he could do is give them credit. And Howard, as the King of All Media must surely be aware of the fact that Sal's new act is stolen property.

Culture aficionados, and theater lovers will be happy to learn that Penis Puppetry is alive and well and living in New York, on Broadway's Great White Way. For tickets Click Here. The show runs 90-minutes with a 15-minute intermission in case you need to throw-up, or stroke your own meat-puppet and run-a-batch. People with orchestra seats should wear goggles.

If your idea of fun is spending an evening on Broadway watching two men play with themselves, then you'll enjoy cozying up with a cup of warm milk and a copy of Puppetry of The Penis (ironically ranked higher than Howard Stern's Private Parts on, also available as a DVD. Speaking of Howard Stern, he's invented a few penis puppets of his own called, acorn, worm-in-the-bush, Where's Waldo?, and find the Jew.

If there is any justice in the world, Sal will be thrown into the slammer where he can show off his penis puppetry to an inmate audience hungry for quality entertainment. I'm sure Sal's cellmate will be happy to introduce Sal to his own drill bit.

If Penis Puppetry isn't your bag, then whip out your labia and dive into Puppetry of The Vagina as performed by Sharon O'Taint.

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "if you do cool stuff with your cock you better get it tattooed with a copyright symbol, beyaaaatch."

... you know, one really has to wonder what Sal Governale a.k.a. Sal The Stockbroker's former clients think when they listen to Sal play with his penis on The Howard Stern Show. Imagine having invested, and then lost money with Sal. Is the missing money in his pouch? This is more outrageous than the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. The S.E.C. should audit Sal's cock. Is penis puppetry part of the Series 7 Stockbroker License test? Can Sal shape his penis into a dollar sign, or into a key and pick a lock? And, what kind of country do we live in where there's almost ten percent unemployment, and yet an attention whore who makes puppets with his penis foreskin can use the fruits of his labor to buy a brand new Cadillac? On the loan application, where it says occupation, did Sal write, "puppeteer?" Based upon Gary Dell'Abate's comment that the penis puppet segment was "radio gold," and "a renaissance of faggotry," Sal's next penis puppet should be a Bababooey toothbrush with "toothpaste." Advice to Sal: If you want your greedy, spoiled, materialistic wife to touch your soprassata sausage you should try keeping the credit cards in your pouch. ... And I'm spent. Whew!

Photo from -- notice how it only takes one or two pixilations to cover the puppet.

Artie Lange, Asshole of the Week by Chaunce Hayden

In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, bloated Howard Stern sidekick, Artie Lange is named "Asshole Of The Week" for his recent DUI arrest and Lexapro excuse. See text below and column attached:

Too Fat To Fish? or... Too High Too Drive?
No celebrity has had the distinction of “Asshole of the Week” honors more than Howard Stern flunky Artie Lange. In fact, rarely does a week go by when this bloated comic doesn’t do something moronically stupid. Thus, I do my best to restrain myself and try to keep “Asshole” consideration for other celebrity standouts equally deserving. However, I cannot restrain myself any longer. Artie... you’re an asshole!
This past Monday, Lange, who in the past has lied about his drug use, addressed his recent arrest for DUI in Toms River, N.J. by proclaiming that he had been clean and sober for months. Here’s a tip for you rookies out there: Drug addicts lie, and they lie often. Lange is a self-admitted drug addict. Let’s move on.
Lange’s attorney has ordered him to keep his mouth shut about the charges, but that didn’t stop this dope from opening his big mouth once again and swearing that he blew a 0.0 on the Breathalyzer test that was given at the scene of the arrest. Yes, Artie, the Toms River Police Department has nothing better to do than to arrest innocent slobs like yourself. Maybe the cops were just big fans and wanted your autograph, though I doubt it since your fans seems to be shrinking faster than a hamburger placed anywhere near that vacuum you call a mouth. How stupid do you think we are?
So, where does that leave us? What could poor Artie have done wrong that would have led to his arrest for DUI? After all, there’s no way Lange had any booze or illicit drugs in his massive system. Hmm. Thinking... thinking... wait! Fatso apparently just remembered that his erratic driving could possibly be due to the antidepressant Lexapro! Phew! That’s it! Lexapro is to blame.
Good one, Artie! One thing, though: I’ve been taking Lexapro for three years, and I don’t ever recall being arrested for smashing into another car and failing a roadside DUI test. Indeed, Lexapro pulls you out of the gloom and doom of everyday life but causing you to drive into other cars, it does not. Nice try, chubby.
Artie Lange is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, July 17 unless, of course, Lexapro makes him forget to show up.


Artie Lange talks about the Accident, DUI and Jail from
July 13th, 2009
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“Actually, I can’t talk about it. I’ll spill my guts another day. I’m actually doing something sensible and listening to a lawyer,” said Artie Lange, talking about his arrest last Friday for Suspicion of DUI after a traffic accident.

Artie explained that he was on the way back from the pharmacy to pick up antibiotics for his sick mother when the accident occurred. No wonder the police arrested him, it sounds made up already. Of course, this is just the beginning of another story in a life that turned a book into a best seller. Artie said, “It wasn’t even an accident…no, not really.” Two 20-year-old kids were in the other car involved in the collision. They both recognized Artie and were adamant that they were not close to being hurt. Artie said they were both “cool with it”.

At the time of the accident, Artie was driving a Nissan Sentra. He explained that it was a rental car because his Mercedes was in the shop getting around $8,000 worth of repairs done to it. Back in June, Artie had parked his car over night at the airport. When he returned the following day, he noticed that his car was damaged and whoever was at fault had already left the scene. Artie’s friend and director of Beer League, Frank Sebastiano called Artie to joke about how bad it looks that he was driving a Senta.

Once the police arrived, Artie was given a Breathalyzer, in which he passed with a 0.0. He swears that he was not drinking, nor was he taking any illegal drugs. However, he did say that he had just started taking a prescription for Lexapro. He said the cops were very nice and cordial about everything.

After the arrest, Artie was taken to jail and only stayed there for about an hour and a half. Artie recounted, “Oddly enough, I am very familiar with those surroundings. It was weird being in a cell, I was like, I’ve been here before.” He thought it was his 18th time he had been arrested. While there he was given a urine test to check for narcotics. Artie said that he voluntarily took all the tests.

Artie’s court date is scheduled for this Friday. He said he is taking this all very seriously since it is a DUI and can lose his license and possibly work. Artie joked about his mug shot, “I already had a mug shot, I think I was happy with my first couple…and what I must look like in this mug shot because I hadn’t showered yet and neglected to shave the entire vacation.”


Hitler reacts to Howard's vacation

Thanks Roger_Paw for the info

UPDATE 2: Artie busted for DUI

The Star-Ledger has more details:

TOMS RIVER -- Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange was charged with driving under the influence after he crashed his car into another vehicle in Toms River this afternoon.

Lange, 41, was driving a leased 2009 silver Nissan Sentra on Silver Bay Road around 1:30 p.m. when he rear-ended a car stopped to make a left turn onto Brand Road while he intended to proceed straight, said Toms River police Capt. Steven Henry.

The second car, a silver 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, was occupied by two 18-year-old males from Toms River, Henry said. Both vehicles sustained minor damage but no one was injured, he said.

At the scene, the investigating officer determined Lange appeared to be under the influence, Henry said, noting that police could not immediately determine whether there was alcohol or drugs allegedly involved.

Lange, who lives in Roseland, was arrested and charged with careless driving and driving under the influence, Henry said.

He said Lange was released at 4:45 p.m. but the Nissan would be impounded for 24 hours.

Henry did not know why Lange, who was alone in the car, was in Toms River but said he is known to have friends who live in the township.

He said Investigating Officer Brian Jarka recognized the comedian, who Henry said acted like a "complete gentleman" and was "very cooperative" with authorities.

Lange is scheduled to appear Saturday night at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library for a discussion and signing of his book, ``Too Fat To Fish,'' to benefit the library.

UPDATE: Artie Lange busted

From the Asbury Park Press:

Comedian Artie Lange charged with DWI in Toms River

Bad boy radio personality Artie Lange was charged with driving under the influence of an intoxicant and with careless driving today after police responded to a minor traffic accident.

A police detective discovered Lange at the scene of a minor motor vehicle collision at Silver Bay and Brand avenues, reported at about 1:30 p.m., said Capt. Steve Henry.

Lange, 41, scheduled to appear at the Ocean County Library here Saturday night, was charged with driving under the influence by Patrolman Brian Jarka based on an assessment done at the police station, Henry said.

"There was no indication that he was under the influence of illicit drugs," Henry said.

But he was under the influence according to the psychological and physical assessment, Henry said.

A laboratory sample was taken to substantiate the assessment, Henry said.

Detective John Bajcic was driving in the Silverton section when he came up to the minor accident and stopped to investigate.

"Mr. Lange was 100 percent cooperative," Henry said.

Patrolman Gary Flynn responded to the reported crash and Lange was taken to police headquarters.

Lange is scheduled to appear at the main branch of the Ocean County Library 7 p.m. Saturday to discuss his New York Times best-seller, "Too Fat to Fish."

A former star of the television show "MADtv," Lange also has appeared in the movies "Dirty Work," 'Elf," 'Old School" and "Beer League," which he also co-wrote and produced.

Artie Lange arrested?

Artie Lange Arrested for Suspicion of DUI
Posted Jul 10th 2009 2:33PM by TMZ Staff

We've just learned Artie Lange was busted for suspicion of DUI moments ago in New Jersey.

Law enforcement sources tell us the "Howard Stern Show" veteran was arrested about a half hour ago in Toms River after he got into a minor car accident.

Story developing...


thanks to blorf for the info