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Donna Lalino has been selected as Miss Howard TV July 2009 for Howard Stern’s Howard TV On Demand subscription Video On Demand channel. Hailing from the Harrisburg, PA area, the gorgeous 5’3” hard-bodied 34D charmer entered the Howard Stern Show quite nervous, but she was quickly relaxed by the enthusiastic reaction she received from the on-air cast of the show. Donna’s claim that she was actually an ugly duckling in high school was met with disbelief by all, since she was stunning in her skimpy, shiny purple bikini. Her photos posted on immediately crashed the site, according to an announcement made by Stern during her appearance.

Despite her reticence to reveal too much about her sexuality, Stern was able to charm her into talking about her exploits, including a threesome with a former co-worker and his wife and her experience at a swinger’s club. She tried to downplay it. “It was very casual,” said Donna. “You wouldn’t know it was a swinger’s club, except that everyone was naked, having sex!” She also admitted to Howard TV that she has had sex on the roof of a mall and on a conference room table.

Donna works out about five times a week, which accounts for her perfectly toned physique. Besides a traditional job, she is a spokes-model for a custom bike shop in Harrisburg, and travels with them to model at bike shows. She grew up listening to the Howard Stern Show because her father is a big fan.

Donna Lalino’s studio interview can be seen exclusively on Howard TV On Demand. She will also host the monthly preview show during July. Donna is also profiled with photos, blogs and a webcast on

Howard TV On Demand is a subscription video on demand channel available only on digital cable in the United States and Canada.



It’s time for the voice of reason. Michael Jackson was an asshole. There, I said it, and I’ll say it again. Michael “creepy, boy-loving” Jackson was an asshole. Got a problem with that? Too bad.
I refuse to jump on the “rest in peace, we love you, Michael” bandwagon and shed tears over someone who was so f-ing despicable. How quickly the world forgets or conveniently chooses not to remember.
Allow me to quickly recap the life of this troubled superstar: Michael Jackson was a pedophile. Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Michael Jackson abused his own children both physically and emotionally. Michael Jackson was a dead beat who owed millions in unpaid bills. Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson could sing and dance like a motherf--ker. And now, he’s dead. Boo hoo.
What surprises me is how long this frail child molester was able to physically walk the earth. Let’s face it; Michael, for all intent and purpose, had left the human race years ago as he morphed into one of his Thriller video characters before our very eyes. But like the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” the world chose to ignore the true horror of this self-mutilated beast.
For 50 years, this soft-spoken mummy moonwalked his way through life leaving a trail of victims in his wake. God knows how many brainwashed boys were befriended by the ghoulish performer with the lure of cash, toys, exotic pets and an alcohol concoction Michael cleverly called “Jesus Juice” to loosen ‘em up before a night of debauchery. Imagine your own child lying in bed next to Michael wondering why the room is spinning while a wig-wearing 5’10”, 115-pound grown man in clown makeup gropes at his innocence. Yet, we cry for this animal as if Christ himself was crucified before our eyes. Please, spare me.
Someone should have put Michael out of his misery many years ago. A stake through the heart would have been more merciful than to allow this half-human/half plastic thing to slither through his backyard amusement park, hunting for his pubescent pray.
In the end, I believe Michael himself knew what he had become and made the choice to put a stop to the madness. While the word “suicide” has yet to be brought up between all the blind tears, it’s my hope that Michael, in an effort to stop himself from hurting any other child, put an end to his own miserable existence.
I will not mourn the death of Michael Jackson no more than I would mourn the death of any pedophile that hunts down children for deviant pleasure... Regardless of his musical abilities.
Tonight, as I write this column, my heart and tears go out to those children who grew up much too soon thanks to the “King of Pop.”

Chaunce Hayden
Steppin Out

Artie Lange at Rick's Cabaret in Las Vegas

Artie Lange (above with a Rick’s Girl) and “Ronnie the Limo Driver” from the Howard Stern Show were at Rick’s Cabaret Vegas this weekend. ”Howard TV” was taping some scenes for an upcoming episode for “On Demand Howard TV.”

Artie is drinking club soda.

“We love Artie,” said Rick’s Girl Margo. “He always makes me laugh and is so nice to all of us.”

“I just read his book and he is amazing,” said Rick’s Girl Amanda talking about “Too Fat to Fish.”

“I see the Howard Stern guys all the time since I dance at both the Rick’s in Vegas and the Rick’s in New York,” said Rick’s girl Donna, “and Ronnie is my favorite.”

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Beetlejuice pays tribute to Michael Jackson

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Storefront in NYC

the fans react

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Why isn't Howard Stern on the iphone app?

It was a rights thing, a contractual rights thing."

That's what Howard Stern told his audience this morning about why he's not on the iPhone App. Of course, that's what we all expected the reason to be from the beginning.

"It was a rights issue and a whole entanglement thing," added Stern on his show. "So, we're not on it. Maybe one day we will be."

Stern show cohort Gary Dell'Abate (aka Baba Booey) added a bit more color to the situation though.

Dell'Abate explains on his Twitter that the Howard Stern channels were excluded from the Sirius XM iPhone App because it infringes on the deal with In Demand.

He later expands on the statement, adding that the issue is "basically about platform: stiletto is siriusxm, wifi is user equip, but iphone is specific 3rd party w video potential."

That doesn't really explain why Sirius XM Radio Inc. didn't know about this before showing this preview of the App to investors, with Howard 100 clearly highlighted. While

Robin Quivers this morning told Stern on the air, "A lot of people were looking for the app because they wanted to get rid of one device and have us on their phone." Stern agreed, adding, "Hopefully one day we will be on there."

Maybe one day will come sooner than later. Dell'Abate's latest tweet reads, "we're trying to see if the iphone thing can be worked out."


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Video of the High Pitch Eric benefit

Courtesy of Dale In Sales

the show

pre interview

New Howard Stern Prank Call from The King of Cable

Hey Now,

Its the King of Cable and here is my latest prank call. It was to WUSA a Washington, DC television station. This call was picked up on affiliates throughout our country.

The King Of Cable

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Lange and Stern Show Regular Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund To Be Hosts and Judges of Artie’s Party: A Search for Miss Howard TV

Local Women Invited to Participate in Bikini Contest

Las Vegas – June 18 - The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas will be the location of a new original show for Howard Stern’s Howard TV On Demand service on Saturday, June 27. The original special, Artie’s Party: A Search for The Next Miss Howard TV, will be hosted by renowned comedian and Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange and the infamous Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund.

Howard TV and the Hard Rock are putting the final touches on this unique bikini contest to find the next Miss Howard TV. They are combing Las Vegas for the most beautiful and qualified women to compete on stage in bikinis at the Hard Rock’s world famous pool. Contestants will model and be interviewed by Lange and Mund. Both men make no secret of their high appreciation of the female form, so the proceedings promise to be sexy and fun.

The winner will be selected at the completion of the contest. The winner will reign for one month and will be awarded over $2,000 in cash and prizes. The prize package will include a round trip ticket to New York, two nights in a NYC hotel and $250 cash. The winner will also be interviewed live on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio in August and will be the host/spokes-model for September on the Howard TV On Demand cable TV service. In addition, she will also get her own web page on the website. Artie’s Party: A Search for the Next Miss Howard TV, will air on Howard TV later this summer. Howard TV is available on all major cable systems across the United States and parts of Canada.

Potential contestants can sign up between 11AM and 1PM on Saturday, June 27. They must bring photo ID and come to the North Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. The show will be taped in front of a live audience. Space is limited. For more information on becoming a contestant or attending the taping, call the Hard Rock Nightlife hotline at 702-693-5555. Contestants must be 21+ with valid government issued ID. More info can also be found on

According to Howard TV On Demand executive producer, Doug Z. Goodstein, "Las Vegas has always been an exiting city for us to produce great shows and specials. What better place to host our return but the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel. The Hard Rock pool has the perfect vibe to host our search for a new Miss Howard TV. We are expecting to find our hottest girl ever during this event simply because we know that Vegas girls are amazing!”

Mr. Lange will also be performing his comedy act at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas that evening, June 27. For tickets and more info, go to:


Nationally-renowned comedian and junk food aficionado Artie Lange came rumbling into the Stern Show in the fall of 2001 following the departure of show writer Jackie “the Jokeman” Martling. Always candid regardless of the topic, this quick-witted former Mad TV sketch show star has opened-up to the audience about his past battles with drug abuse, his constant weight fluctuations, and tumultuous relationships from the past and present – while keeping fans rolling with his hilarious commentary and working-class demeanor.


Originally hired by Howard as his chauffeur, Mr. Ronnie Mund burst on the Stern Show scene over 20 years ago. Despite lacking in height, muscle, or any type of tangible intimidation qualities, Ronnie has since expanded his duties to include security guard and all-around hallway monitor for the insanity occurring inside Stern’s Sirius compound. His abrasive personality – coupled with an undying love for strippers – has transformed the man behind Howard’s wheel into a regular show personality…either revered or hated by most listeners.

Every month, a beautiful woman is crowned Miss Howard TV. Miss Howard TV spokes-models are interviewed on the Howard Stern Show and then featured on Howard TV On Demand where they introduce and give an overview of the monthly programming on the channel. Previous spokes-models are also profiled on

Artie Lange Discusses Joe Buck Appearance

See it Only on Howard TV

New York, June 17 - Less than 12 hours removed from his controversial appearance on the debut episode of HBO’s Joe Buck Live, Artie Lange responded to his critics on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning. The entire postmortem rant can be seen exclusively on the Howard TV On Demand service starting on Wednesday, June 17, 2009. It will remain on the service for about three weeks.


Ronnie the Limo Driver aka "RickyMan" will be hosting a party at Rick's Cabaret Las Vegas on Friday night, June 26th.

Ronnie's party at Rick's Cabaret Las Vegas will go all night long. Over 300 Rick's Girls will be on hand. Rick's Cabaret Las Vegas is over 30,000 square feet of fun. "It's like a castle full of hot topless girls," explains Ronnie. "Rick's is the greatest club in Vegas."

The Stern gang are all in Vegas that weekend to attend Artie Lange's show Saturday night at "The Joint" in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Howard TV is also searching for the next "Miss Howard TV" with a contest held at the famous Hard Rock Hotel pool on Saturday afternoon.

more info: here

Jillian Barberie Wins Title of Most Annoying Woman on Earth!

by I. Humphrey

Jillian Barberie may be able to turn us on, but after hearing her on The Howard Stern Show this morning, we all want to turn her off. She was so annoying today that it was actually a relief to hear Maryanne's (from Brooklyn) cackling crow voice. Imagine. 

Where can I begin? Should I start with Jillian's loud voice? Okay. Jillian was practically screaming, and over-talking everyone in the studio. The term attention whore doesn't do her justice. The only excuse for her behavior is if she's partially deaf. I know that after hearing her on The Howard Stern Show this morning, most of the audience either is, or wishes they were (partially deaf). 

And it wasn't even the loudness of Jillian's voice that was most objectionable -- it was her vapid comments, a sort of stream-of-stupidness without pause or relief. One has to wonder if she even hears what comes out of her own mouth. Speaking of which, Jillian's tale about how she vomited on her husband's penis during fellatio was the audible equivalent of a cold shower. She's nasty, and not in a good way. Her husband should not limit hitting her to only sexual activity.

Jillian Barberie is the walking embodyment/personification of why men want hot chicks to shut up. She suffers from terminal hot bitch disease. This is an affliction common to those of ample body and small of brain, in that she confuses the attention she gets for her looks as also applying to her mind. Jillian is so delusional, and clueless she would interrupt Einstein. 

As annoying as it is to listen to Howard Stern and Artie Lange's narcissistic all roads point to them self-referencing stories, Jillian is far worse. She's a penis stent for the ears. One would not be wrong to label Jillian a female Artie Lange. Nuff said.

For all these reasons, and because I'll never get to bang her, I hearby award Jillian Barberie the title of Most Annoying Woman on Earth.

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "may your beer be cold and your beyaaatches mute!"

Blast from the Past: Conan O' Brien on Howard Stern with Chaunce Hayden


Howard Stern Shows Loyalty to Letterman Over Leno

Howard Stern Shows Loyalty to Letterman Over Leno

Howard Stern has never shied away from voicing his dislike for Jay Leno on the air. Just last week, he returned from his vacation with a vicious attack on the departed 'Tonight Show' host by analyzing Leno's parting monologue word-by-word.
He took the attack to David Letterman's desk on Monday, during his first appearance on the 'Late Show' in over a year.

Stern, a long Letterman loyalist,' was candid in his praise of Letterman and attack on Leno's farewell. "I haven't been here in a long time especially in light of everything going on in late night television. "We've got to beat this Conan, Stern told Dave. "How are you feeling that Jay left late night television and now you've got this new guy to compete with? I've got to say something about loyalty Dave put me on national television many many years ago before I was known, and I have stuck with Dave.' "I never liked Jay. I can't stand Jay. I've never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy. I watched his final show, saying goodbye to the 'Tonight Show,' reading it off a teleprompter." Pointing to Letterman, he shouts "HERE'S the host that we want to watch."


Howard Stern is the KOAL, Billy West was too talented for his own good.

by I. Humphrey

Q: What does KOAL stand for? A: King of All Liars.

I hope Stern Fans were wearing there shit helmets this morning, because Howard was really slinging it. We've all heard Howard's crap about how he couldn't get Jackie Martling more money. Today, while Howard was spinning an identical yarn about Billy West, Artie Lange stated that thanks to Howard he's paid much more than he's worth. True, and Howard didn't contradict him. We all know if Artie ever complained he was underpaid, Howard would say it was out of his control because Artie was a Sirius employee. KOAL! Note to Howard, you can't have it both ways. Either you're the KOAM (King of All Media), or you're not. 

Billy West was let go because he was more talented than Howard Stern. It's that simple. When Billy was on a roll all Howard could do was sit behind his control board and laugh. I remember watching a taping of The Howard Stern Show on television back in the Billy West days. When Billy opened his mouth he completely hijacked the show. The expression on Howard's face was pure jealousy. From that moment I knew Billy's days were numbered. If you want to keep your job, you better not show up your boss.

Billy West was let go because Mel Karmazin and Krock had too much invested in The Howard Stern Show to risk having their brand look less luminous. A few years ago Howard had to admit on-air that he sabotaged The Opie & Anthony Show by speaking to Mel behind the scenes. The pattern emerging here is that Howard will not confront talent directly. How ironic is it that one only has to change the H to a C to spell coward? Okay, that was too easy, sorry.

Today Howard claimed he was unable to understand why Billy West would go on Jackie Martling's show, and not come on his. Howard said Billy West shouldn't blame him for not getting more money because Billy was really a Krock employee and therefore Howard was powerless to help him. Uh, huh, KOAL! 

Billy West's behavior is consistent and rings true. Unlike the movies, the good guy doesn't always win. Billy West lost. Howard Stern fans lost. And in a way, the person who lost most of all was Howard Stern because by his actions he became less of a man, and one who will be remembered as the KOAL.

KOAJM (King of all Jewish Mobsters) Meyer Lansky said it best, ""Don't lie,Tell one lie,then you gotta tell another lie to compound on the first." 

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "paint me green, beyaaatch!"

Francis Ford Coppola Riffs with Howard Stern

Star-Power and Comedy Abounds this Month on the Howard TV On Demand Service

New York, June 9 - Legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola made his first ever appearance on the Howard Stern Show this week. The hour-long interview delved into a range of subjects; his childhood, his inspiration, getting over polio as a child, sex, stories about the making of The Godfather saga, Apocalypse Now, how he met his wife, his children, his very lucrative wine business, how he finances his movies, his jet, his philosophy of casting, working with Marlon Brando, and finally some comedic and musical moments thrown in for fun. Howard Stern talked about his conversation with Mr. Coppola on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night.

The entire interview with Mr. Coppola can be seen only on the Howard TV On Demand service starting on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. It will remain on the service for about three weeks.

The Howard TV On Demand service this month is filled with unabashed, freewheeling celebrity interviews with Howard Stern. Currently playing on Howard TV are extended interviews with Ben Stiller, Jimmy Kimmel, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jesse Ventura, Gilbert Gottfried, Brooke Hogan, Denise Richards and West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James.

Howard TV On Demand is a subscription video on demand channel available only on digital cable in the United States and Canada. Subscribers have unlimited access to more than 40 uncut shows each month including archival footage, daily radio shows and original content.

Here is a link to a video clip of Mr. Coppola’s interview with Stern: You can also take the embed code to use on your website



Star-Studded Comedic Series is Based on Real Life Adventures

Of the Cast and Crew of the Howard Stern Show

Photo courtesy: Howard TV

Howard Stern’s longtime sidekick Robin Quivers is starring in the premiere episode of the new season of Show in the Hallway, a loosely scripted original comedy series for Howard TV On Demand. In the series, Howard Stern Show cast and staff members play themselves in fictional stories, with special guest stars such Howard Stern and his wife Beth (in separate episodes), Richard Lewis, Colin Quinn, Jerry O’Connell, Robert Schimmel, Joey G (from The Sopranos), Jim Breuer, Howard Feller, Savanna Samson, Iron Sheik and Comedian Joe Matarese. Entertaining plot lines with twists and turns and surprise endings are inspired by real on-air and behind-the-scenes events and the eccentric personalities that make up the Howard Stern Show cast of characters.

The premise of the episode starring Robin revolves around Sal the Stockbroker making a promise to a cop to get out of a ticket for relieving himself in public. Unfortunately, it requires Robin’s cooperation and she doesn’t know about it, which leads to a wild show climax. In each of the four episodes the lead characters make attempts to fix their missteps but end up making matters worse. Other crew members in the series include Howard Stern Show Producer Gary Dell’Abate, Scott the Engineer, Richard Christy and many others.

The episodes of Howard TV’s new Show in the Hallway are: Episode #1–“Quivers, Quivers, Quivers,” Episode #2–“Mr.Lotto,” Episode #3–“In the Bag” and Episode #4–“Artie’s Chair.”

The Show in the Hallway can only be seen on Howard TV On Demand. Episodes start tomorrow will remain on the service until July 31, 2009. Howard TV On Demand is a subscription video on demand service available only on digital cable in the United States and Canada. More information at For an embeddable video clip of the premiere episode, go to