My Friend Howard by Michael M. Martino Jr

My Friend Howard

For over 20 years, my morning routine has had only one real constant. Howard Stern.

I did not realize the impact of the habit until a couple of weeks ago, when Howard was on vacation and a special called "The History of Howard Stern, Act II" ran over two weeks on his eponymous Sirius Satellite Radio stations. And I loved every bloody second.

I heard bits, gags and tirades I had not heard since the 80s. The show had a very raw quality back then. Howard was hungry. He never seemed to stop talking.

Howard Stern changed the way talk radio is executed. The airwaves are chock full of imitators. Some are handsomely paid and damned great in their own right, too. But none would exist without the trails blazed by the fearsome Jew who grew up in Roosevelt and Rockville Centre. We have taken a ride through life with Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers. We have seen them be celebrated and reviled and become quite rich in the process.

Howard sounds like a wild man on those tapes. His voice is about three octaves higher and he is frantic in his quest to become the King of All Media. The equipment was not as good, the acoustics imperfect and the pace of the show faster and rebellious, like a petulant teenager. Howard was still a married man. He was dancing on the line of sin with his on-air exploits with strippers, porn stars and other people who from the proverbial dark side of life.

Listening was exciting.

full article here

Sashalee has been selected as Miss Howard TV February 2009

Sashalee has been selected as Miss Howard TV February 2009 for Howard Stern’s Howard TV On Demand (HTV). Sashalee, originally from a small town in upstate New York, is now based in New York City, where she is a model and actress. She has been in beauty pageants since she was 13 years old and won Miss Pre-Teen New York. At 18, she was in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in Hawaii. Now 20, this stunning and lanky beauty is 5’8” and only 115 pounds. Still, she says that is not thin enough for some of the modeling gigs she seeks! We think she is just fine. She likes the world of beauty pageants and says that it has helped her gain poise and important contacts in the business. She is also studying Broadcast Journalism.

Sashalee was also featured in the Show in the Hallway, HTV’s new loosely scripted comedy series, in the episode starring Howard’s wife Beth Stern. During her interview on the “Howard Stern Show,” Howard grilled her on masturbation and her sex life and other tough personal questions. No wonder she says Robin Quivers is her favorite cast member. “She definitely had my back during the interview.”

Miss Howard TV spokesmodels are interviewed on “The Howard Stern Show” and then featured on Howard TV On Demand, where they introduce and give an overview of the monthly programming on the channel. Sashalee and previous spokesmodels are also profiled on

Jillian Barberie on Howard Stern's wedding

From this Week's Steppin Out Magazine with Chaunce Hayden

Jillian Barberie on Howard Stern's wedding:

I'm sure Howard Stern had a real wedding besides the celebrity packed wedding. I mean, none of his family was at the celebrity party. None of Beth's family was at the wedding either! I know for a fact that they attended a special private cermony. The other thing was just something for the public. But it was still very beautiful.

Sirius online listening scheduled for upgrade

On March 11, 2009, we will upgrade the online listening experience to near CD-quality digital audio. Satellite radio subscriptions will no longer include internet radio at no charge.*

If you renew your subscription now, you will continue to get online listening for FREE for the length of your subscription.

This is your chance to keep listening online at no charge. After March 11th premium online listening will cost for $2.99** per month.

for more info

Asshole of the Week: Artie Lange by Chaunce Hayden

This Week on the Greg Fitzsimmons Show

Sarah Silverman is returning for her 2nd appearance on Greg's show.

AND we're on @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST for Primetime again!

The Greg Fitzsimmons show, only on Howard 101!!!

Rolling Stone Artie Lange article

Compliments of


Vanessa Grigoriadis is an uppity bitch says Artie Lange

Read the story behind the story here

Artie isn't the only one who has a problem with Vanessa. Jessica Simpson blasted the reporter recently in an interview with Chaunce Hayden from Steppin Out Magazine saying that the reporter lies about everything she writes.

Listen here:


Unethical, backstabbing piece of shit Steve Langford doesn't respect "Off the Record" and abuses young girl's privacy

Dan the Song Parody Man:

As far as Langford, I respectfully asked him not to run the story or blow this out of proportion for the protection of my daughter. Even if he, and many of you, thought I was off base in my concern, he still should have respected my request. There is an unspoken rule which is "not for the air". If you tell someone "not for the air", it is not for the air. He didn't forget that I said "not for the air", "off the record" and please do not run this, he just chose to ignore it. Everything I told him was after I said "not for the air". I was attempting to gain his understanding of the situation. I volunteered information to him in confidence to compensate for the fact that he was not getting a story. Instead, he took what I said in condfidence, padded it up with distortions of the truth, and packaged it into a news story which ran several times on both channels. He fucked me over, plain and simple. If I thought for one second that he was going to fuck me over, I would have simply said "no comment". If I'm guilty of anything, I'm guilty of not realizing what a back-stabbing, unethical piece of shit he really is. I can think of a lot of things worse than being the guy who was stupid enough to think that someone was human.


For more about the douchebag Stevie Langford and what a disgrace he is to Howard and the show visit here

Unethical, backstabbing piece of shit Steve Langford doesn't respect "Off the record" and abuses a young girl's privacy

Dan the Song Parody Man:

As far as Langford, I respectfully asked him not to run the story or blow this out of proportion for the protection of my daughter. Even if he, and many of you, thought I was off base in my concern, he still should have respected my request. There is an unspoken rule which is "not for the air". If you tell someone "not for the air", it is not for the air. He didn't forget that I said "not for the air", "off the record" and please do not run this, he just chose to ignore it. Everything I told him was after I said "not for the air". I was attempting to gain his understanding of the situation. I volunteered information to him in confidence to compensate for the fact that he was not getting a story. Instead, he took what I said in condfidence, padded it up with distortions of the truth, and packaged it into a news story which ran several times on both channels. He fucked me over, plain and simple. If I thought for one second that he was going to fuck me over, I would have simply said "no comment". If I'm guilty of anything, I'm guilty of not realizing what a back-stabbing, unethical piece of shit he really is. I can think of a lot of things worse than being the guy who was stupid enough to think that someone was human.


Howard TV On Demand Premieres “SHOW IN THE HALLWAY” Starring Beth Stern

Photo courtesy: Howard TV

Howard Stern’s model, activist and actress wife Beth Stern is starring in a new episode of an original series on Howard TV On Demand starting today. It’s the latest episode (#3) of the Show in the Hallway loosely scripted original comedy series. In these fictional stories, “Howard Stern Show” cast and staff members play themselves, with celebrity guest stars such as Beth, comedienne Lisa Lampanelli and John Stamos. Entertaining plot lines with surprise endings are inspired by real on-air and behind-the-scenes events and the eccentric personalities that make up the “Howard Stern Show” cast of characters.

The premise of the episode starring Beth revolves around her plans to throw Howard Stern a surprise party to which Sal the Stockbroker is not invited. In an attempt to get on her good side, he throws a charity comedy event. In true Ralph Kramden style, everything that Sal does to fix his missteps throughout the episode only make matters worse. Every time he tries to apologize, he winds up offending her, he gets into deeper trouble and it gets more and more hilarious.

Please let us know if you’d like a DVD screener of the episode or additional photos. We think you’ll get a kick out of it. This and all specials will remain on the service for one month.

The Show in the Hallway is part of the “Big Fat January” on Howard TV, a month jam-packed with original specials and reality series. Highlights include Howard TV’s Most Outrageous 2008 hosted by Bam Margera which premiered on Jan. 20, and Howard TV’s Shocking Celebrity Moments 2008 beginning Jan. 27. For more information about Howard TV On Demand and its availability, check out

Steve Langford is a piece of shit

So says Dan the Song Parody Man, the latest person to see the light on Stevie Langford, the pitbullshitter of the Howard 100 News Team and a disgrace to Howard and the Show. This coming on the heels of Captain Janks' bashing of the incompetent boob. Thanks guys for helping to spread the word on this douchebag. Get rid of him Howard. He Sucks.

Blast from the Past: Erica the Gymnast sex tape

watch here


Through a Partnership with, Guys are Invited to Vote for the Ultimate Beauty

to Best Represent Howard TV On Demand, Starting January 21

New York, January 21 – Howard Stern knows hot women. And when you’re named the most beautiful and sexy woman of the month by Howard Stern and his Howard TV On Demand compatriots, to what higher position can you aspire? Why, to be voted on by men everywhere in hopes of being named Miss Howard TV of the Year 2008! Howard TV has partnered with top Web destination to host a run-off to see which of the 12 monthly stars will have the honor of being crowned 2008’s winner. Now anyone in the online audience can check out and vote for their favorite woman at starting Wednesday, January 21. There, they’ll find each woman’s multimedia entry detailing why she should be the definitive Miss Howard TV of the Year 2008. On Thursday, February 26, 2009, the winner will be announced online at and at Plus she will be featured in an upcoming Howard TV original special in March 2009.

Here are the 12 Miss Howard TV’s from 2008 who are vying for the enviable title:

January: Danielle DeMarco, age 22 is 5’4” (34C-24-34) and a hairstylist.

February: Lisa Michelle, age 22 is 5’8” (36D-25-36) and a model.

March: Brenda Acevedo, age 20-something is 5’2” (34DD-26-36), model and actress.

April: Brianna Frost, age 20 is 5’3” (34C-24-35) and a student/stripper.

May: Tracy Pendergast, age 24 is 5’2” (34D-24-32) and a model/actress/singer.

June: Gracie, age 25 is 5’3” (34D-24-34) and a hair stylist/stripper.

July: Christine LeMaster, age 26 is 5’5”(36C-25-34) and a bartender/model.

August: Shawn Carla, age 26 is 5’9” (36DD-25-33) and a model/actress/opera singer.

September: Kristy Ricetti, age 26 is 5’3” (34C-26-33) and a nursing student/medical spa


October: Alexis Pelekanos, age 22 is 5’3” (34C-24-34) and a dental student/singer/model.

November: Megan Heaton, age 25 is 5’5” (34D-25-34), model and real estate agent.

December: Diamanti Damons, age 30-something is 5’2” (34DD-24-35) and an exotic dancer

and model.

On the microsite, voters can check out each competitor’s entry, including photos, a personal video, an interview, a Q&A and a blog about her experience on the “Howard Stern Show,” her life and sexual appetites. The winning woman will be featured in a special Howard TV On Demand episode in March 2009. The winner will also be awarded with a photo shoot, a cash prize of $1,000, an appearance on UGO’s popular Foxy Fans feature and an exclusive, one of a kind specially designed Miss Howard TV diamond necklace from Steven Singer Jewelers.

Each month, Miss Howard TV spokesmodels are interviewed on the “Howard Stern Show” and then featured on Howard TV On Demand where they introduce and give an overview of that month’s programming. All spokesmodels are also profiled on, which is one of the most popular features on the site.

Queen of Mean back on Stern



You know there's no better pairing in comedy than the Queen of Mean and the King of All Media, so tune in to Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard 100 at 8:30 a.m. EST on Monday, January 26, to catch Lisa's bluntest interview yet with her hero, Howard Stern!

Listen as Lisa dishes about her first ever HBO special, "Long Live the Queen," tosses in a few juicy tidbits from her book, "Chocolate, Please" hitting bookstore shelves this fall, and yaks about her most recent adventures with food, fat,
and, of course, freaks! And remember, Sirius is uncensored satellite radio, so you never know what these two will say!

Later that evening at 7 p.m. EST, join Lisa when she hosts her third one-hour special on Sirius radio's Howard 101. And it's sure to be her best yet!

A few months ago during her "Ask Dr. Lisa" special, LL therapized Howard listeners, and now, she'll educate them. In this special, "Race Relations 101 with the Queen of Mean," Lisa will usher in the bright new era we are entering now that we have a President of a different color. Always the giver, Lisa will walk listeners
through the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between all the cultures, races, and religions that make up this gorgeous mosaic called the United States. Not only will this special provide LL with an excuse to skewer Chinks, Spics, Spooks, and Yids on live radio, it will give her the opportunity to really (sniff) make a

You can do so in three ways:
1) By phone: Call in and chat with Lisa live from 7 to 8 p.m. EST during the special's live broadcast on Monday, January 26. As always, just dial 1-888-STERN101 and you may be lucky enough to have an on-air audience with the queen;

2) By e-mail: Have a question about anything and everything racial? Write to Lisa at, and you just might get your answer during the broadcast;

3) In person: Have a pressing issue that can only be handled by meeting LL in person? For example, are you a disgrace to your race, that is, you're a
black man who can't dance, a Jew who tips, or a sober Irishman? If so, come in to Sirius Satellite Radio's New York City studios so Lisa can teach you how to be the top N-gga in charge, the best Jew bastard you can be, or the most drunken Irish
donkey on the planet. To schedule an in-person appearance on the show, e-mail by Friday, and you just may be picked to join Lisa in the studio for some much-needed up-close-and-personal time.

Rumor: Price increases to come for SiriusXM

Word has come out over recent days that Sirius XM Radio Inc. is planning a price increase for multiple satellite radio subscription packages, according to a report on Digital Radio Central.

Additionally, Orbitcast's own sources have received word confirming these reports and adding further details about the rumored subscription price increases.

On Digital Radio Central, a contributor with the user name "ken.muise" originally leaked the rumored price increase. He stated that he works for Sirius Radio in the Activations Dept, and that he had "some bad news for our customers."According to this person, the multiple receiver radio is going to increase in price from $6.99/month to $8.99/month, starting in March.

Additionally, he reported that online listening will no longer be free (except for Lifetime Subscribers). The online packages will cost $2.99/month for most packages ("Mostly Music" or "Family Pack" subscribers will have to pay $8.99/month, according to this person).

Orbitcast's own sources have confirmed some of this information, and added new information on the subscription price increases.

This person did confirm that Online Listening will cost $2.99 additional, and that multiple radios will increase to $8.99 a month. Adding further weight to the report on DRC.Current subscribers will be given a chance to lock-in their rates, according to these people. You can choose to lock in the Online Listening or $6.99 multiple radio price. Notifications to subscribers are said to start going out on January 26th, and subscribers are rumored to have a chance to lock in their rates by March 11th.


Hot off the press: New Howard Stern book

January 20, 2009


The First New Title about HOWARD STERN in More Than Twelve Years

An extensive new book celebrates the storied career of American broadcasting trailblazer HOWARD STERN.

Collecting three decades worth of essential interviews, essays, articles, quotes and news items related to the pioneering radio broadcaster, “AMERICAN ICON: The HOWARD STERN Reader” is an exceptional, 346 page book that tells the Stern story sequentially.

A must-read for all devoted fans of “The Howard Stern Show”, the book is the first all new title about Stern since 1997. Available now for immediate purchase here: as a physical book or download, publisher Rock Reader Books will make “AMERICAN ICON: The HOWARD STERN Reader” available to traditional internet and retail outlets in April 2009.

Beginning with Stern’s discharge from New York’s WNBC in 1985, “AMERICAN ICON: The HOWARD STERN Reader” follows the radio guru’s controversial twenty-year engagement on FM radio.

Tracing Howard’s years with K-Rock in New York – the flagship station for his syndication empire – “AMERICAN ICON” chronicles his battles with the FCC and accompanies him as he launches his legendary television run (with programs for WWOR, E! and CBS/Eyemark).

Including his triumphs as a two-time best-selling author and the success of his own blockbuster movie, 1997’s “Private Parts”, this “AMERICAN ICON” also explores Howard’s lengthy indecency battles with the government, his victorious exit from terrestrial radio to the unexpurgated world of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and the launch of his own Howard TV channel.

“AMERICAN ICON: The HOWARD STERN Reader” (Rock Reader Books) was compiled and edited by New Jersey entertainment writer John D. Luerssen, a loyal Stern fan since Howard’s initial 1982 New York broadcast.

“I put this book together as a fan for other Howard Stern fans,” says Luerssen. “And I think it speaks volumes about the American Dream. Howard’s persistence in the face of adversity, his dedication to his craft and his desire to entertain his audience can’t be overlooked. Those are the principles of his success. He’s had a tremendous career on his own terms. The guy really is a remarkable businessman, a brilliant humorist and as the book title suggests, an American Icon.”

Exhilarating, gripping, funny and brilliantly honest, the media interactions that comprise AMERICAN ICON: The HOWARD STERN Reader, tell Howard Stern’s unique and unforgettable story.

For more information contact RRB Publicity:

Rock Reader Books

ISBN 978-0-557-04204-3

A limited number of electronic copies are available for review purposes.


Howard Stern seems dried up and bored with himself says Steve Guttenberg

Sirius' on-again, off-again signal problems

Posted by Steve Guttenberg

Sirius Satellite Radio has a lot on its plate. Shock jock Howard Stern is already making noises about leaving after his contract expires in a couple of years, the stock price is in the tank, and the company has huge debt.

All of that shouldn't matter to subscribers, of which I am one. But the frequent signal dropouts are really getting out of hand.

I had similar problems in the early days, but after a while, the dropouts became rare. Months would go by without signal interruptions, but about six months ago, the off-and-on signal problems returned.

Sometimes, the dropout lasts just a few seconds but occurs many times an hour. My Sirius home radio hasn't budged since I first got it many years ago, and my antenna is pretty much in the same place it has always been, but lately, the signal regularly disappears for minutes at a time before sputtering back to life.

When the radio drops out, the tuner's display reads "Acquiring Signal," which in and of itself is really annoying. The fact is, it's not acquiring signal; that's why I'm not hearing anything. I'm guessing that these dropout problems are related to the ground repeaters used in metropolitan areas. I'm in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

My attempts to speak with a Sirius representative didn't get very far. I received a response via e-mail saying this: "It's not unusual for people at home to experience reception issues because of a faulty antenna or some terrestrial interference."

I swapped out the antenna, and it didn't make a difference.

How about you? Has your Sirius service held up over the years?

Side note: Jay Thomas, on Channel 108 (Sirius XM Stars Too) is the funniest man on radio. It seems as if whatever is running through his head on any given day is hilarious. While Howard Stern seems dried up and bored with himself, Thomas is a breath of fresh air.


Will the Face Farter

Will the Farter's got a new site for everyone who loves a good fart and for all those who enjoy looking at guy ass.

visit here

nah...this isn't TOO gay.

DOUG ELFMAN: Stern considers returning to LV

Attention hotel execs: Howard Stern is on the market to come back to Las Vegas -- to record a week's worth of national radio shows on the grounds of your fancy digs.

In the past, Howard always went to the Hard Rock Hotel. But the hotel changed ownership. Now Howard is a "free agent," Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate told me.

"We have no plans to come out," Baba Booey said when I asked. "We just have to find the right reason to come out, the right place to go, the right sort of event to do around it."

In other words, he said, the show likes to do Vegas when there are a lot of celebrities and/or tourists in town (so stars are readily available to go on the show).

Baba Booey and Palms owner George Maloof talked five or six years ago, about moving Howard from the Hard Rock to the Palms.

"It just didn't work out logistically," Baba Booey said. But, "the Hard Rock is a whole new group of owners now. So if we came out, we're in play."

Maloof is game.

"Yeah, we'd definitely look at it," Maloof told me Monday night. "My opinion is he's got some die-hard fans that would love to see him come back to Vegas to do a show."

As one of those hard-core Howard fans, with a lifetime subscription to Sirius, I'm saying Vegas could use a week of Howard. So make it happen, Baba Booey Baba Booey. Please bring Gilbert Gottfried.

-Las Vegas Review Journal

Paul McCartney Interview Abortion

by I. Humphrey

Where do I begin. As I type this I'm listening to what can only be described as an abortion. Specifically, Howard Stern has the best guest of the year, perhaps his career on the show. Finally an A-lister. Problem is, Howard is asking questions, and not waiting for an answer. On top of this, the questions are stupid and moronic, even for Howard. And when Paul manages to squeeze a word in edgewise, Howard interrupts, and over-talks to such an extent that the listeners are left completely frustrated.

Howard as we're all aware is in love with the sound of his own voice. However, I wish just this once he'd shut the fuck up. Of course all this goes double for Robin. If I could ask Howard one question today, it would be, "Dude, why did you bother inviting Paul McCartney to come on the show?" As for Paul, why did he bother to come on air?

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "Let it Be."

PS Okay, I finished listening to the end of the interview, the result of which wound up adding more fuel to the fire. Pretty funny considering Paul's new album is called Fireman. Anyway, I don't think I can complain about Howard's interview any longer, because as bad as it might be, Paul's new album is worse. It's the flaming dingleberry on the cake so to speak. First we men loose our testosterone, and then we loose our talent. 

For Howard Shrine Spews & Views, this is I. Humphrey saying, "So you say you want a revolution..."

A Howardshrine EXCLUSIVE: Naked boobies!!!!!

Courtesy of Howard TV from "Howard TV’s Sexiest Moments of 2008” special.

From the Howardshrine Mailbag: There's a New Deacon in town

Howard played a new parody this morning. Here's the link

listen here

We are proud to announce a new member of The Bleeding Deacons
Deacon Anthony

Next Show Feb 7th at The Cat Club. Its 7$ with the flyer
Cya at The Show

“Howard TV’s Sexiest Moments of 2008”

Howard TV On Demand Premieres “Howard TV’s Sexiest Moments of 2008”

Hosted by Jillian Barberie Reynolds

(L. to R.) Penthouse Pets Prinzzess & Erica Ellyson (Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008) with their friend Nikole, on the couch at the Howard Stern Show right before they got wild and naked. Photo courtesy: Howard TV

The big premiere of Howard TV’s Sexiest Moments of 2008 starts tomorrow on Howard TV On Demand. If you thought you missed any of the sexy eye-popping moments, or just want to relive them, get ready for one of the sexiest shows to hit the air. This exclusive original special includes the ten hottest moments of the year featuring beautiful young women, lesbian make-out sessions, naked Penthouse Pets, naked Miss Howard TV spokes-models, mother/daughter porn stars and guests riding the Howard Stern Show’s celebrated erotic “Sybian” chair. There is also additional footage from sexy segments that almost made the top ten list.

Hosted by Jillian Barberie Reynolds, Howard TV’s Sexiest Moments of 2008 can be seen exclusively on Howard TV On Demand starting Wednesday, January 14, 2009. The special is part of the “Big Fat January” on Howard TV, a month jam-packed with original specials and reality series. Next up, Howard TV’s Most Outrageous 2008 hosted by Bam Margera, premiering on Jan.20 and Howard TV’s Shocking Celebrity Moments 2008 beginning Jan.27. Also, the second episode of HTV’s first loosely scripted comedy series, “Show in the Hallway,” premieres Thurs, Jan.15. All specials will remain on the service for a month, on demand. For more information about Howard TV On Demand and its availability, check out

This Week on the Greg Fitzsimmons show

Columnist, TV Host, and Adam Carolla's radio sidekick, Teresa Strasser, will be the next guest on The Greg Fitz Show - Mon., Jan 12th @ 9pm PST.

The Greg Fitzsimmons Show, Mondays at Midnight on Howard 101

Sirius XM Too Cheap ?

Is Sirius XM Being Too Cheap to Succeed?
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz

January 13, 2009

Satellite radio fans who warmed to Bubba the Love Sponge's gritty radio antics cheered when Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) inked a new deal with the Howard Stern channel favorite last month, extending Bubba's stay on satellite radio for a few more years. But now that cheering is turning into jeering.
The new arrangement isn't exactly ideal for satellite radio subscribers. Instead of live "no holds barred" afternoon shows from Monday through Thursday, Sirius listeners are actually hearing broadcasts that aired through Cox Radio (NYSE: CXR) terrestrial stations earlier in the day. Friday presents the only live, unchecked show on Sirius.

"A little bit of Bubba is better than no Bubba at all," Stern may say, but the content subtraction is not what premium radio is supposed to be about.

Full story

Most likely people to Die in 09

Guess who made the list at Number 8?


Benicio Del Toro Gets Around

Academy Award-winning actor Benicio Del Toro makes his first ever visit to the “Howard Stern Show” for a nearly one-hour conversation about his films, his life, and - what else - the women he’s been connected with. They talk about his new movie, “Che,” the upcoming movie “The Wolf Man” set for later this year, his memories of working with the outrageous Hunter S. Thompson in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and on a Madonna video early in his career. Not surprisingly, Howard insisted on grilling the sexy star about the women he has been connected with, including Alicia Silverstone, Heather Graham, Sara Foster and Amber Smith. Del Toro denied any romantic encounter with Lindsay Lohan, despite tabloid reports. Del Toro gives Stern a ribbing for not seeing his movie, which created an entertaining on-air exchange.

Del Toro also gets serious during the interview, discussing in detail the effect of his mother’s death when he was only nine years old in Puerto Rico. The interview was quite early in the morning for the jet-lagged, LA-based star, who wished the show was later in the day…“Your show is early in the morning for someone who is out banging all night!” Still, there was a party atmosphere with Artie Lange back in fine form after a short stint in a “spa rehab,” and Benicio asks if the liquor display in on the studio bar was real. Producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate obliges and Del Toro toasts the cast with an early morning shot of Jack Daniels.

Eric the Midget NUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bubba in Vegas

"Bubba the Love Sponge" will be a presenter at the 2009 AVN Awards,
and is also hosting a party at Rick's Cabaret Las Vegas.

Bubba's site
Rick's Cabaret site

From the Howardshrine Mailbag: A Howardshrine EXCLUSIVE- Pic of Irish John's New Baby

Hey Doc,

Here is a pic of mine and my fiances liz' daughter. Her name is Olivia
and she was born 1/8/2009 at 2:19 am.. She is 8 lbs 4 oz and is 19
1/2". She was born at Westcher Medical Center in Valhalla NY.Mommy and
baby are doing great

Page 71: Chaunce Hayden gives fans a "Lapdance" tonight

Page 71, just like Page 69 only we dig deeper for the dirt.


You might recall former Stern regular Chaunce Hayden getting banned from Scores for writing a screenplay about what he saw at the infamous New York strip club. It's probably when things first started to go bad for Hayden as far as being scorned by fans. Well, tonight on "The Insider", Chaunce Hayden and porn star Savanna are featured in a segment that will promote Chaunce's new film "Lapdance." According to Hayden, it took him 5 years to write the script and now it's finally going to be a high budget film. In the story Hayden talks about Howard Stern, Madonna, Sean Penn, Charile Sheen, Mark Wahlberg just to name a few.

Catch Chaunce on "The Insider" tonight at 7pm on CBS.

The Unbelievable Year of Comedian Artie Lange

Howard TV On Demand Premieres Artie’s Wild 2008:

So we all had a tough 2008; but Artie Lange had a particularly erratic trip through it, from the elation of a nationally best-selling book and culminating in a stint in rehab as revealed on The Howard Stern Show yesterday. A new Howard TV special, Artie’s Wild 2008 starting today will take viewers through Lange’s roller-coaster of a year, so buckle-up.

The special takes an unapologetic look at Lange’s year: from his stand-up tour in Afghanistan for the troops and adulation from throngs of fans, to his constant falling asleep on the show (including the now infamous falling off the bed scene); from his “waist management” battles (bacon pizza and pop-tarts are favorite foods); the hysterical sped up video clips of Lange eating; and his “weeping” problem. The special has plenty of hot girls, and Lange says every girl is “the hottest chick we’ve ever had up here.” Then there are the fights – angry arguments with high-pitch Mike and an altercation with his assistant Teddy resulting in a very public on-air resignation. Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Gary Dell’Abate and the rest of the cast and crew all weigh-in with their unique perspectives on Artie.

Hosted by Lisa Lampanelli, Artie’s Wild 2008 can be seen exclusively on the Howard TV On Demand service starting Tuesday, January 6, 2009. For more information about Howard TV On Demand and its availability, check out



LL helped her good pal, Artie Lange, reflect on the past year by hosting, "Artie's Wild 2008," which premieres today, on demand, on Howard TV. Don't miss this special, which features all of Artie's highs, lows, and other hilarious moments of 2008 as shown by the Queen of Mean!

For more information, go to here


Start off the New Year right -- bring your friends and share a night of naughty comedy with the Queen of Mean! Lisa has a bunch of shows scheduled this month and there are still a few tickets left. Make sure to grab those seats while you still can!

To buy tickets for the Friday, January 9, show at the Byham Theater or one of two
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The History of Howard Stern: Debaldy Divorce Party

This week on the Greg Fitzsimmons Show

The guest will be pornstar: Belladonna (and her perfect bum!) She was on the show last Dec. 2007.

The Greg Fitzsimmons Show, Monday's at Midnight only on Howard 101.

Beth Stern a $2,000 an hour earner?

Exclusive Media Release
TOPIC: Hollywood Madam, Kristin Davis tells mag what today's stars could earn (OR NOT EARN) in the escort biz!

Eat your heart out Heidi Fliess, there's a new Madam in town!
Former Madam to the stars turned ex-convict Kristin Davis, is free from prison and Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden was the first to snag an interview with her….Weeks before her book release, 20/20 exclusive or Entertainment Weekly feature hits the stands.
While chatting in the second floor lounge of the Thompson Hotel in Manhattan, Davis shared with Hayden, never before told secrets about her “black book” and the daughters of the rich and famous who worked for her!.... (The interview will be published in February)
During the interview, Davis opened up to Hayden about some of today's biggest stars and what they might have earned had they decided (like so many other actresses, singers and models) to work for her escort service. Here's a few:

1. Britney Spears: If she cleaned herself up maybe I could get a thousand dollars an hour for her. But if was the old Britney before she went crazy I could have gotten $2,000 easy.
2. Paris Hilton: She would get $1,500 an hour. She's slender and doesn't have implants. She's blonde and I could get away with selling her as a Ford model.
3. Beth Ostrosky: I like Beth. She's tall and blonde. It's always a homerun if I can get a girl who's 5'9” or above. She's usually perfect. Beth would be in the upper ranking. I could get $2,000 an hour for her easy.
4. Katie Holmes: Katie would be very popular because she has that All American, college girl look. She would be super popular. Men want girls who look like Howard Stern's wife; the tall slender model type or they want that non-flashy, classically beautiful fresh face young look. The girl next door whom they could never get. They want the runway model they can't have now, or the prom queen they couldn't have then. I could probably get $2,500 an hour for Katie. Maybe even $3,000. I could max out on her.
5. Angelina Jolie: She would be my top girl. I call it my “Number one.” I would put her at $2,000 an hour. But you couldn't get her unless you booked her for 4 hours. I wouldn't let her go for just an hour. Maybe if you were a good client you could get her for an hour, but I would charge a lot more. At least $2,500.
6. Sarah Palin: (Laughs) I wouldn't have any market for her. She couldn't work for me. She's cute, but not for my kind of clients. There are escort agency's that specialize in specific kinds of demographics. She could work for a cheaper agency. Maybe a $300 dollar an hour type agency. I would call her a mid-range escort type.
7. Playboy Playmates: I had many Playmates call me for work. Many! I'm talking about centerfolds. But I would only work with 1 out of 5. Usually, they're boobs are too big or too fake looking. They look to California. For the most part I wouldn't use Playmates.
8. Lindsay Lohan: She would do great! She's got that fresh face and freckles. Men would eat her up! I could get $1,800 an hour for Lindsay….Easy! I would let her go for just the hour. She would work more volume for me. Short stays and busy all night. But I'm sure I could get clients to extend time with her if I asked.
9. Rihanna: I think she is stunning and gorgeous. If I were a client I would choose her. But honestly, I don't have a market for her. She couldn't work for me. It's unfortunate. The African American and Asian models never do well. Rihanna wouldn't bring in any business for me.
10. Melania Trump: She's hot. She would make a lot of money. But the one problem with her is that men don't like Jewish women and eastern European women. So I would have to lie about her nationality. Maybe say she's from Amsterdam or Sweden. Otherwise she would have trouble getting work. I would also change her name. I could get $2,000 an hour for her if she played along and didn't let it slip where she's from.


Chaunce Hayden
Steppin Out"