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Cocksucker Joey Boots strikes again!!

Happy New Year Stern Fans!!

My New Year's Resolutions are to improve myself Physically, Financially, and Spirtually in 2010 and also try to listen to the show more. I hope to also get this site fixed and get some good content again going like interviews and new autographs. Some "super fans" at SFN were asking for a sequel to Howardshrine: The Movie. Got to give the fans what they want so look for that also in the coming year.
Maybe we can get the Shrine Bomb program going and hit those Sirius shows again. That was a lot of fun. I also hope to get the message board busier and along those lines, for a limited time only, we are offering you readers a chance to interact with our broadcasters without having to register. Come on in and say hello before all the bots come.

visit here

Have a good one all. Long Live Howard Stern, the Greatest Radio show in the History of Mankind.

Rick's Cabaret Girls make predictions for 2010

Do the sexy ladies at Rick's Cabaret have any predictions for the new year? You betcha.

24 year old Avalon, 34C- 26-36, who dances at Rick's Cabaret in New York, predicts more girls will have stories to tell about Tiger Woods in 2010. “But not us. We don't tattle on the famous people who come to Rick's.”

"Men will continue to like to look at big boobs," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Sheila, 36D-25-34. "Believe me--you can bank on it," she said.

“The economy will get better," says 21 year-old Janet, 33C-24-33, who dances at Rick's Cabaret in New York. “They say that there is a recession, but I am doing great. Things are good for me now, and will get even better," she says.

“More people will start taking yoga classes, “ predicts 24 year-old Monique, 37DD- 27-38. “It's a great way to relax and get your body in tip-top shape,” she adds.

“I spend my spare time tanning,” says 21 year old Grace, 36D-27-38. “I have no time to make any predictions."

Rick's Cabaret
50 West 33 Street

Artie Lange has quit the Howard Stern show?

That's what some of the "super fans" are saying over at SFN. Apparently this comment was posted on mark friggin's facebook wall


Mark Mercer: Not officially confirmed yet but.... from Jennifer Frimel-Mangano: "Howard News Flash!!!! my husband just heard Jim Breuer on a local Cleveland radio station talking about Artie. Jim said Artie has quit the Stern Show!!!"

For more info check out the "super fan" discussion at SFN here:

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Dr. Drew's narcissism test

Finally got around to taking the test (i'm a horrible fan right now) that Robin scored 34 on, the highest tested celebrity and I got a three. Low on all categories except for vanity and the only reason that is higher is because I HAVE been looking at myself in the mirror but only because I have been body building (watching my form when I lift, posing, and looking for areas that are lagging behind in my development.) Thinking I might get a high score I virtually got a zero on the test. What do it mean?

take test here

Maximum is 40. Average for Americans is 15. Highest tested celebrity is Robin Quivers, with 34.

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