From the Howardshrine Mailbag: High Pitch Erik SCORES

As you know he's been out of work for years so apparently Erik went to get some job evaluation "training" to show the judge that he's trying to change his life and they gave him some sort of test. Here are the results:

Message subject: Agent
From: hpe2009
Sent: Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:12 am
To: Agent00Soul
Good morning Agent so here are my scores I dont want to share with the board:

Wide Range Achievement Test

Spelling- 8th Grade Level

Math- 6th Grade Level

Word Recognition- High School Level

Math was not my best subject

Clerical Abilities Testing

Comparing Information- Excellent

Filing- Excellent


Mavis Beacon

22 w/p/m accurately

I also want to speed my typing.....

I think he wanted it to be kept quiet, but oh well. Here's a thread about it on AFN:


Blast From The Past: Stern Fired From WNBC

After rewatching PRIVATE PARTS(1997) tonight, I dug up this old report about Stern getting fired from WNBC:

A Sour Shoes Thanksgiving

Come celebrate Thanksgiving with that wonderfully talented but unusual Wack Packer, Sour Shoes...

"In what can only be described as Stockholm syndrome, intrepid reporter and victim of Sour Shoes’ pranks, Steve Langford, visits the scene of the crime where Sour barraged him with 300 phony phone calls, and bonds with the wacky whack packer.

So don’t forget tomorrow, Howard 101 will air the Sour Shoes Thanksgiving Special at 3PM Eastern Time, and then the “CranBerry Best” with Ralph at 7PM. Oh, and apparently those are Sour’s toys on the floor. He and Langford were playing with them."


King of Cable Strikes again

check it out here

From the Howardshrine Mailbag: Rob Schneider

Hey... wanted to send this to you... I have the exclusive video from the
radio station in West Palm that interviewed Rob Schneider. They couldn't
get it on youtube because it was too long so they leaked it to me.

Thought you might wanna watch...
watch here


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